Saturday, 24 July 2010

Every cloud...

The bad news is, I got my period this week.

But the good news is, I did quad biking and clay pigeon shooting...yay!! So there you go, every cloud... Actually, the quad biking and clay pigeon shooting weren’t really the silver lining. They were just activities I got to do during a work team-building trip. And they were good fun.

The trip was certainly a welcome break from the tedium of the office where, since my two best friends were told their services were no longer needed, I’ve had to spend the majority of my time with the following:
  • a guy who perpetually has his head so far up my boss’s backside I can’t actually remember what he looks like
  • a lady whose sole purpose in life is to make really big, really complicated, really useless spreadsheets about nothing very much and then make me spend hours at a time discussing them with her
  • my boss who, ironically, looks like a cross between Alexei Sayle, Bill Bailey and Dara O’Briain. The irony is in the fact that they’re all arguably talented, funny and entertaining comedians and my boss has the personality of a gnat.

So, the actual silver lining? I didn’t get my period until 11 days DPO. This is really quite good for me, even if it did only last for one single, solitary day (seriously, what's going on there??).

Obviously, I wasn’t entirely delighted to get the sodding thing at all, but if I’m going to get it I’d rather it was vaguely at the right time.

So this one brings me to the end of Cycle 12 and ever nearer to the hysteroscopy. On Wednesday next week, they’ll make me wear one of those delightful hospital gowns, prod me and poke me, put me to sleep, shove their camera up my lady bits and into my uterus, take a look at what the offending ‘irregularity’ is and presumably get rid of it.

Whatever it is, and whatever they do with it, I hope it’s the reason I haven’t been getting pregnant.

Until next time.
Juno ☺

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