Tuesday, 12 October 2010


Well, I’ve made my decision – next step will be IVF.

Weighing everything up, it didn’t seem like IUI would be a viable option for me. The specialist told me IVF is three times more likely to work than IUI (35% vs. 12%) and as much as it seems like a huge step to go from trying naturally to IVF, at my age I don’t want to waste any more valuable time.

So I’ve booked an appointment with the fertility specialist on Friday to talk through the process and the timing.

I can’t quite believe it’s got to this stage, it just feels so surreal. I also feel very ignorant about it – I need to do more research but I’d really appreciate any help any of you can give me with the sort of things I should be thinking about and the questions I should ask the specialist on Friday...

If you have any advice/suggestions, please leave them via the comments below.

Thanks so much!

Until next time.


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  1. Don't have any advice or suggestions about IVF having never done it, but I could be right behind you. I've decided that if we weren't successful this cycle, IVF is next, unless my doctor thinks it's worth giving IUI one more shot. I know it's hard to imagine that it's come to this, but I hope it feels good to have some sort of plan.

    And here are a few web sites (blogs by fertility docs) I've relied on for information.


    That second one covers much more than just IVF but IVF is definitely covered!